Correct score tips are those that give the exact outcome of a match by stating the number of goals that will be scored by each team in the match. Here you will find the most reliable correct score predictions today.

We have the best sure correct score tips and odds today, tomorrow and any other day.

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  1. Fk Arsenal Tivat - Ofk Igalo 1929(1-0) Odds: 6.3

  2. Lindome Gif - Eskilsminne If(3-0) Odds: 11.2

  3. Bokelj - Jedinstvo Bp(1-1) Odds: 7.5

  4. Hobro - Vejle Bk(1-2) Odds: 9.5

  5. Lsk Kvinner W - Lyn W(3-2) Odds: 18.5

How to make your own Mathematical & Scientific Correct score Tips 




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Do not use free correct score tips to place bets with more than $20. Instead consider using our much affordable premium or VIP tips. If you bet with a stake of more than $50, be sure to consider our Guaranteed fixed matches. They will protect you from heavy losses as they are 100% sure.



Slovacko vs Sk Prostejov (0-1) – Sure bet Prediction

Prostejov have on average scored 1.46 goals per match in season 2020. In most of the matches played at away, they have always totaled to goals to over 1.5. Slovacko have on the other hand scored goals of over 0.78 averaging to 1 goal 1 per game this match will end on a relatively low scoring spree with Prostejov being the most favorite team to get the back of the net.

Hedensted If vs Viborg Ff (1-2) – Sure bet Prediction

Hedensted has not won in 9 of the last 11 of their Premier League games. They have also conceded in each of their last 19 Premier League games, having scored less than 1.5 goals in each of their last 5 Premier League games. Viborg have scored over 2.5 goals in their last 5 matches played home and away and will be looking to lift their heads up high again coming to this match. A sure bet prediction for this match will be a 1-2 win for the away team.

Fc Sydvest 05 vs Randers (1-3) – Sure bet Prediction

Sydvest is in average home form while the Randers are performing greatly away from home having scored at least 5 goals in the previous matches on average. This puts them on the spot as they have averaged at least 2 goal Per Game having conceded a goal in the past 2 games. Sydvest have a higher possibility and have a prediction in favor of having a goal based on their current form that has seen them score goals of slightly under 1.5. ​ A sure bet for this game is a 1-3 win for the visitors.

Viby If vs Skive Ik (0-3) ​– Sure bet Prediction

Skive have been very sharp in the recent past this clearly shows that they are the stronger team coming to this encounter and it’s with no doubt that that they are focused to cement their place on the table at this begging of the season. They have in the recent past had a rate goals of 2.01 goals per match and will score on this match. Viby are really out of form and our sure bet prediction foresee Viby will concede goals tonight.​

Apollon Limassol vs Lech Poznan (1-0)

Apollon have on average scored 1.06 goals per match in season 2020. In most of the matches played at home, they have always totaled to goals to over 1.5. Poznan have on the other hand scored goals of over 0.78 averaging to 1 goal 1 per game this match will end on a relatively low scoring spree with Apollon being the most favorite team to get the back of the net.

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Below is a table of correct score predictions that we gave in the last one week. The win rate is clearly over 85% and that is the best you can get as far as correct score tips go.


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Many gamblers and football betting fans have a lot in common, we all like huge betting odds. It is however not easy to get high betting odds, of say, more than 7 in most betting markets that are easy to predict. The high betting odds are reserved specifically to hard nuts to crack such as correct scores and the exact number of goals.

What are Correct Score Predictions or Tips?

Correct score predictions are forecasts about the exact number of matches that are going to be scored in an upcoming game. These usually apply in football betting more as compared to other sports. This is because football (or soccer) is a low scoring game and therefore relatively easier to predict correct score outcomes as compared to other matches like basketball.

Correct score tips require that you be exact in the number of goals by each team and are different from total goals predictions. However, these are among the sure bet tips available on Surebetsite.

For instance, for a match between Arsenal and Liverpool, you would have to be specific like; (2-1) or (1-0).


Why are Correct Score Tips Difficult?

The number of goals that can be scored by a team is unlimited and independent of any other factors except time and the ability of the players. This, therefore, means any number of goals is theoretically possible in a game of soccer.

To grasp, however, the real reason why the correct score predictions are difficult, you have to go back to mathematics. Using the concept of combinations and permutations, you will realize that the number of possible outcomes in a game of football is almost infinity, theoretically and if no controls are made.

If we apply an artificial control on the number of goals a single team can score in a match, the number drastically reduces but is still very high compared to the number of expected outcomes for betting markets such as GG or NG.

Let us assume that a team can score a maximum of 6 goals in a match.

The number of outcomes possible in this artificial scenario is as follows:

Those are all the possible outcomes for the match if we assumed that no team would be able to score more than 6 goals in the game. They are 36 possible outcomes for a single match! That is quite a lot, no wonder the odds are usually as large as 100 for seemingly farfetched predictions.

To calculate the number of outcomes for the correct score given a certain control of the number of matches, simply use permutations.


For the above case, you simply use permutation function as 6P2 a permutation for 6 outcomes for two involved instances. It is like throwing 2 dice with 6 sides each at once independently and recording all possible outcomes, the results will be 36 as well.

So in short, that is why correct score predictions are such a hard nut to crack for most beginners.

They are, however, crucial for prediction of jackpots such as the Sportpesa mega jackpot prediction or when you feel lucky and wish to get correct score weekend tips.

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